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To improve the world by Future Procurement organizations.

Our Vision

Create the business confidence and strategic development approach for the Procurement professionals and organizations around the world.

Our Business Idea

To offer the practical, comprehensive and easy accessed knowledge base for the Procurement and Supply chain professionals in order to secure their success in their organization.

How can we be helpful for you?

Business confidence

Most of us don’t have a proper Procurement education. Future Procurement helps to learn the best Procurement practices and applied knowledge in the simple and engaging way.

Why do YOU need it?

To reduce the stress level at the job and come from the firefighting to systematic, long-term approach to Procurement.

Motivation and Inspiration

People come to us not only for knowledge. There is a lot of information and education programs on Procurement all over the internet. But our task is to make sure you are implementing the best practices in your Procurement organization!

Why do YOU need it?

To re-activate your enthusiasm and energy for Procurement profession.

Building a Procurement career

We are the network of Purchasing, Procurement and Supply Chain Management professionals. You will find the answers to your dilemmas and practical career advice in our blog, video’s and social media groups.

Why do YOU need it?

To develop yourself to the world-class Procurement professional.

Generating extra profit by Future Procurement

We should stop seeing Procurement organization as the cost center. A well-functioning Procurement organization should contribute to profits of entire company!

Why do YOU need it?

To contribute to the company’s bottom line! And to grow your value.

Who is Robert Freeman?

  • school  Master Degrees in Engineering and Business Administration (MBA)
  • call_made  By 30 years was Sourcing responsible for 800 Mln Euro business
  • language  Worked with more than 50 production sites in 15 countries
  • explore  Procurement expert for Retail and Manufacturing companies
  • local_library  Author of development courses for Procurement professionals


Procurement Assessments for your individual purpose

Are you Procurement specialist and want to evaluate your development areas?

Or maybe you are Procurement manager and you need to evaluate your co-workers?

Use our great Procurement Assessment tools!

In partnership between Comprara and Future Procurement - we are proposing online tools for assessing personal, business and procurement attributes that propel procurement teams to gain more ground!

Future Procurement is a global platform where YOU can:

Get knowledge and practical advice on Procurement

Discuss the everyday Procurement and Supply Chain dilemmas

Share experiences with your fellow colleagues from all around the world!

Online courses for Procurement professionals

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With our courses you get the applied knowledge and tools from Procurement professionals with 15 years of career.

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