How to build a successful Procurement career in different companies and industries?

Career in Procurement

Last week I had a quite interesting discussion about Procurement career and education with Jesse Guimarães.

Today Jesse is Head of Procurement at SBT (Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão) – one of the biggest Broadcast Media company in Brazil. I was really impressed by Jesse’s career story and his approach to constant professional development.

And here are top 3 lessons from Jesse’s career. Hope you will use them for your own success.

1.     Be curious!

Jesse had technical education, and this is the reason why he started to work in the automotive company. But when he has seen the interesting work in logistic field – he didn’t hesitate to apply for the new position and change the job. For sure we can’t know what to expect until we make the change. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try.

In the automotive industry Jesse was constantly learning the new things, new approaches, developing than you work in methods and networking with others. And this is why he has got the interesting offers from other companies. He had the knowledge and experience they could be used by other companies. And what is very important, he shared this with others so the other companies also could see him.

After that stepping into the consultancy business was also a big step with many unknowns. But this was the way to get exposed even more. This is how he was recognized by Warner Brothers Studio in Brazil, and got a job there. And finally ending up as a head of procurement in the largest media Broadcasting Company in Brazil SBT!

Such career changes require a lot of courage and hard work. But it is curiosity that lies in the core of success.


2.     Be result oriented and respect the time!

Working in procurement department is a tough job. There are many things constantly going on here and there. And it is easy to lose the focus and to misjudge the priorities. So how to develop the skill of proper prioritization and focusing on the real important things? How to deliver the expected results in the agreed time?

Well, there is a good hint that you can learn from Jesse. Work as a consultant! And being the external consultant you can make some cost-savings projects or supplier optimization projects for the procurement departments… Or you can develop the sourcing strategy for the entire companies!

Even if you do this for a short period of time – you will develop the proper attitude to problem solving. You will for sure start respecting the deadlines, your own working hours, and time of your partners. And be sure that you’re working methods will become more structured, you will think about the clear responsibilities, processes and routines. But most importantly you will become more result-oriented!

I can prove it with my own experience. 3 years of being an external consultant now developed these skills for me much more than working in different procurement departments for almost 15 years.

3.     Close the knowledge and skills gaps by education!


And the third lesson I want all of us to learn from Jesse’s example is connected to education.

Add different points of time people need different set of skills and knowledge in order to perform and their position. So we cannot say that’s having the University degree can solve the educational needs for your entire career. This is naive. And maybe even stupid…

At the different points of Jesse’s career he has taken technical education, logistics degree, deep study about information technologies, strategic management… So he was constantly looking for the blank areas in his skill set and tried to fill it in with the on-demand education.

So if you would like to build a great career in procurement (or anywhere else) – make sure that you are developing in the critical areas.

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