Podcast 053 How can Procurement impact the entire company? (with Katie Jarvis-Grove)

Future Procurement podcast

Today we are talking about Procurement impact to entire company! And our guest Katie Jarvis-Grove describes the Procurement’s role beyond the savings! Really great insights from a great professional! Join our Procurement Webinars! In this podcast we invite you to join our upcoming Procurement webinars and get a massive value from Katie Jarvis-Grove   P.S. Find…

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How to find Procurement savings for SME? (after Mayya Lihovodov)

Procurement savings

Recently I was talking with Mayya Lihovodov, VP Sales and Marketing from Israel. And she has given me few advice on Procurement savings for SME. Mayya is a part of Tenderoom team – the new Procurement service for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). Tenderoom is focusing on the commodity products, like office supplies. By using the services like…

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Procurement DNA (after André Bohems)

Procurement dna

I was always thinking how to really understand the specific need of your particular company, and how to develop the Procurement approach which will suit your company in the best way. And I think I have found the answer to my question in a recent discussion with André Bohems. He used the term ” DNA…

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6 Words for high-performing Procurement professional (after Francisco Comino Ramos)

Procurement Professional

Recently we were talking with Francisco Comino Ramos from Spain. Honestly, talking with such people always makes some mindshift. And I am greatful to Future Procurement for the opportunity to interview such knowledgable and experienced Procurement professionals! In this blog post I want to elaborate on six important words that I have taken away from our discussion with…

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