What’s The Difference Between RFT, RFQ, RFP, RFI? (article by Suki Mhay & Calum Coburn)

This article is originally published here, so I am just reposting it in my blog. Thank you, www.negotiations.com! Clients and newsletter readers have asked that we demystify the meaning behind each of the following procurement terms: RFI, RFQ, RFT and RFP. These processes have steadily grown in popularity in procurement and purchasing, especially amongst larger buying…

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I have a dream for Future Procurement.

dream procurement

I have a dream for Future Procurement. All men and women working in Procurement, Supply Chain Management and Purchasing will come to their work ENERGIZED AND MOTIVATED. Every day of their work they feel great! Because they know – their work matters!   In my wished position Procurement is a super prestigious position, respected by others.…

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I LOVE PROCUREMENT because it is the best job in the world!

I spent 14 years working with Retail and Manufacturing companies all over the globe. And finally Procurement and Supply Chain management became my passion! And after all those years and different experiences I had – I can say confidently: Procurement job is the best job in the world! Procurement job: My Way I started my…

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I LOVE PROCUREMENT because it requires a team work

teamwork Procurement

Team work in Procurement The best comparison I heard for procurement was comparing it to a football team (article from LinkedIn by Drasko Jelavich). Defence in Procurement means RISK Management. And it stands for neutralizing commodity price fluctuations, currency issues, political upheavals, etc. Of course your Procurement team cannot fully avoid those risks, but what…

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I LOVE PROCUREMENT because we consider risks

risk management

Risk management is really important topic but very often underestimated. Honestly very few companies in my practice are having methodological approach to risk management… I agree, you don’t sound like a superhero when you are talking about the risks in Procurement and Supply Chain management… It is of course much more fun to discuss about…

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