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Consulting. Coaching. Mentoring

book personal session with Robert Freeman

Areas of Mentoring and Coaching:

  • COST development, RISK management, SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIP questions
  • Building the WORLD CLASS PROCUREMENT and SUPPLY CHAIN organizations
  • CAREER and LEADERSHIP for Procurement and Supply Chain professionals
  • Intensive theoretical KNOWLEDGE & practical TOOLS from Procurement practitioner
  • CHALLENGES & DILEMMAS of Procurement and Supply Chain Management
  • NEGOTIATIONS: planning and practicing
  • and more…

Let me help you to write YOUR SUCCESS STORY!


My name is Robert Freeman. I am a Procurement expert.

All my professional life I was working in the field of Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

This is my area of expertise. And this is my passion!

I spent 15 years actively contributing to Procurement development of medium-size companies and large international corporations in Manufacturing and Retail, being a sourcing responsible for 800'000'000 Euro business.

 I think that Procurement work is a lot of fun. But for most of Procurement professionals it is still a lot of stress due to constant firefighting, tough negotiations, contracts and price revisions…

So wherever I was working in my career - my goal was to bring Procurement to a better level! To use the leverage effect of Procurement and power of Supply Chains for reaching companies' success and improving the bottom lines of the companies.

I truly believe in power of Procurement organization for the success of the entire company. And I want to spread my knowledge and experience to all over the world.

My mission is: “To improve the world by the Future  Procurement organizations”.

That is why I started Future Procurement.

That is why I am so actively developing our community.

That is why I make these coaching and mentoring sessions!

Your success is success for me too!

Clients' Feedback

Robert has a great ability to explain the complex ideas in simple way. Very nicely structured and applicable knowledge base in so short time.

Martin O.

Supply Chain Responsible, Belgium


After 2 months coaching program I still have more questions than answers. But I look at my organization with the different pair of eyes now! More critical and more skeptical. I revealed a lot of opportunities for development here…

Johan A.

Sourcing manager, Sweden

The best thing about this is being on-line.

I sit at home or at my office, and I can get in touch with Mr. Freeman. All I need is just internet and headphones. No travels and no extra time.

Mohammed D. Sh.

Procurement officer, Bahrain

I thought that Indian suppliers are special and too demanding. But I see that purchasers from Europe and America have the same problems.

So in general suppliers all are all the same around the world. They want the same things and they hate the same things.

It was good to understand and practice how I can cooperate with them in a win-win way!

Kunal H.

Chief Procurement Officer, India

It is really worth the money spent for that coaching.

I paid $2000 for coaching sessions... And I paid back my investment in one (!!!) week.  

In total I have saved more than $2,5 mln for the company in 3 months using the advice and hints from Robert. And I am on the way to management position with salary growth far more than those initial $2000.

It is no-brainer for me. Coaching sessions really worth the money!! Highly recommended!

Phillip D.

Category Sourcing specialist, USA 

I especially liked the topic “Leverage effect of purchasing”. Now I really understood that savings during purchasing process will make big contribution to the end business result of my company.

Future Procurement showed me that purchasing organization is critically important for my company!

Alex G.

CEO, Austria

Benefits of buying Mentor&Coaching program:


 Personal approach to learning

 Tailor-made program based on YOUR needs

 Deep involvement of mentor to YOUR dilemmas and challenges

 Follow-up on the progress at all areas of professional development

 Combination of the Theoretical knowledge and Practical work

 RESULT orientation!

 SUCCESS orientation!!

Prices for Mentoring and Coaching

You need help with your organization or with your career? Please ask me!

I want to spread my knowledge and experience to all over the world. That is why I am investing my time to help YOU.

I could do this even for free. But then you will not value my advice. I simply don't believe in free consultancy.

Here are the rates for individual coaching and mentoring


P.S. Do you think it is too much? Are you hesitating?

It is ok... I am skeptical to the unknown things as well.


So I propose you to have the FIRST SESSION for FOR ANY PRICE

You decide yourself* what are you willing to pay for the first talk with me! And I simply accept it!


Please send the email to make the first appointment!

IMPORTANT: Describe your dilemma first. And say HOW do you think Robert Freeman can help you



* the minimum legal demand is close to $10 per one session. But I accept any amount more than that

Road to success is not as smooth

I can not promise that it will be simple

But I guarantee that you will be better off.

My favorite quote is:

"It will be good in the end.

If it is not good - then it is not the end!"

Robert Freeman is a Procurement expert, co-founder of Future Procurement company.

Company is working with the international companies (mainly in Austria and Western Europe). Main aim is to create business confidence and strategic development approach for the Procurement professionals and Procurement organizations all over the globe.

Also Robert Freeman provides on-line courses (1000+ students worldwide), consults and mentors Procurement and Supply Chain specialists, actively working with Future Procurement Podcasts and Blog, drives his ideas via social networks & magazines.

Main area of expertise and passion:

  • Value chain analysis and improvement
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Strategic cost management
  • Risk management in Procurement
  • Negotiation preparations and handling
  • Develop Leadership: people & companies



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