Podcast 67 Cost Sharing Agreements with your strategic suppliers

Today I decided to share with you some hints and advise on COST SHARING AGREEMENTS with your suppliers.

This is a truly proactive tool, which you should use with your best suppliers.

The material I want to share with you today is taken from my online course called STRATEGIC COST MANAGEMENT.

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Strategic cost management course was prepared based on my own experience and the best practices I have used by myself. This course contains some theoretical knowledge and practical tools. Here I collected the best experience from the world class companies and high-performing organizations.

Why should you take Strategic Cost Management course?

In this course YOU will answer the questions:

  • How should you work with cost management?
  • How can you develop the systems for working with the prices, price development?
  • How to react on increasing price pressure?
  • How can you turn your suppliers into the partners, who would help you to reach the price development goals?
  • And most important – how can you develop the strategic approach to Cost management in your organization AND how to sustain it over the long period of time?

The course contains 4 hours of valuable video content and a lot of Power Point slides.

So today’s topic – COST SHARING AGREEMENT – is the lesson #12 in Strategic cost management course – https://futureprocurement.net/special-offer-course-strategic-cost-management/

And I really hope you will find this information useful.

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