5 Steps to effective education in Procurement

Last week I had a great conversation with one of Procurement leaders from Australia – Ben Shute. And after that talk* I was really amazed with Ben’s approach to education for procurement professionals.

* – the full version of this discussion is in our Podcast here

What I really liked about the education he and his company provides was that it’s really tailored to the particular needs of specific person or specific organization. And their first step is always to evaluate the professional skills, find the critical gaps and only then to propose a good education which will fill in these gaps.

In this short article I will share this 5-steps principle with you.

So let’s go!

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STEP 1: Capability Framework

The first thing you should do is designing or assessing a capability framework! Whether we talk about the individual development program or development of entire organization – you should have the understanding of the needed hard and soft skills for a good performance.

Start looking at what skills do you need today? And then – what skills will you need in the future?

What are the needs for 2020? Or 2025?.. You should know what do you or your organization will need in the future to have the world-class level!

Step 2: Skills Gap Analysis

Here Ben has described a number of different assessments within procurement knowledge:

  • hard skills evaluations,
  • self-assessments,
  • contract management evaluations,
  • negotiation profiling,
  • understanding the level of maturity of the Procurement department…

Step 3: Developing Your Education Roadmap

This step will allow you to develop a tailored approach for the entire organization and for each individual. Of course the best would be to use 70-20-10 approach to learning and development areas prioritization.

And as a result you should have the roadmap for the organization (as a group) as well as for individuals.

Step 4: Put It All Into Action!

Only now you really start learning process! You know what areas you need to improve and develop, so you find the best way to fill in the gaps.

You can build those needed capabilities through a number of interventions: coaching webinars, face-to-face trainings, e-learning…

The role of Procurement manager is particularly important on this stage. Because they really need to ensure that the team members are deeply involved and motivated to build the capability!

Step 5: Measure the Progress!

Finally the fifth step is about measuring. You should make the same (or similar) assessment as you have done in Step 2. And then go back and see if there is any progress?

Hopefully you will do a bit of a progress 🙂

But the things are not always improving. Sometimes they even get worse. Especially when we are talking about the group development!


Final advice from Ben Shute – READ IT TWICE!

“Development takes time!

Anybody who thinks development and education in Procurement is done in two workshops, or two times per year for every individual is mad! They are just kidding themselves!! Development is an ongoing thing that takes years! And as a Procurement manager you should be very strategic about that…”

Enjoy the full interview in our new Podcast episode with Ben Shute from Melbourn, Australia!

And finally: do you REALLY want to improve your Procurement organization or to develop yourself as a professional?

Then you can reach Ben Shute and his companies to make it properly! Here are the links:

www.skillsgapanalysis.com – fantastic tool for Procurement capability assessment.

www.academyofprocurement.com – training courses for the Procurement professionals and for organizations.

www.comprara.com.au – Procurement services that think ahead.

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