I have a dream for Future Procurement.

dream procurement

I have a dream for Future Procurement.

All men and women working in Procurement, Supply Chain Management and Purchasing will come to their work ENERGIZED AND MOTIVATED. Every day of their work they feel great! Because they know – their work matters!


In my wished position Procurement is a super prestigious position, respected by others.

In my wished position Procurement is more than just a job to supply the right products in the right time, to the right price and quality… It goes far beyond these principles!


Procurement takes care not only about the savings to the bottom line of the companies, but also about:

– delivering the VALUE to the end consumer

– minimizing WASTES and increasing EFFICIENCY

– exchanging the IDEAS AND BEST PRACTICES between companies and industries

– involving SOCIAL & ENVIRONMENTAL aspects in decision making processes

– respecting CULTURAL differences

– following ETHICAL PRICNCIPLES in Procurement.


Isn’t it a great place to be?

Isn’t it a realistic future for our profession?

And most importantly: WHAT HAVE I DONE to make this future come true?..


Robert Freeman

Procurement expert and coach at Future Procurement

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