Podcast 032 More conscious approach to professional development and education in Procurement (with Ben Shute)

Future Procurement podcast

“Development takes time!

Anybody who thinks development and education in Procurement is done in two workshops, or two times per year for every individual is mad! They are just kidding themselves!! Development is an ongoing thing that takes years! And as a Procurement manager you should be very strategic about that…”

Enjoy our new episode with Ben Shute from Melbourn, Australia!

Ben is a CEO in number of companies dealing with procurement trainings, tailored or personalized education programs, skill gaps analysis, spend analytics and many many more.

www.skillsgapanalysis.com – tool for Procurement capability assessment.

www.academyofprocurement.com – training courses for the Procurement professionals and for organizations

www.comprara.com.au – Procurement services that think ahead.


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