Best Value Approach: Procurement Made Simple (with Dr. Dean Kashiwagi) – Podcast 060

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Today we talk with Dr. Dean Kashiwagi – International Consultant & Expert in procurement, Risk Management, and project management [25+ years].

And Dr. Kashiwagi is best known for Best Value Approach to Procurement developed by him. This is a great aproach which deploys the experience of your suppliers and other experts to success of your Procurement projects!

In our interview we discuss:

  • What is “Best Value” concept and what is its main priciples?
  • What is the difference of “Best Value” and traditional Procurement principles?
  • What are the good examples where “Best Value” principle gave savings and risk reductions?
  • Are there any areas where this principle is not working?
  • How to simplify your work and your life with Best Value Approach?
Get the materials about Best Value Approach in Procurement described by Dr. Kashiwagi here: 
#hereandnow! Take the approach of SIMPLICITY: Whenever you feel that you are lacking expertise – find the experts, let them prove that they really are the experts, and delegate the task to them. From beginning to the end.
Step back, relax and simplify your life:)


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