Podcast 070 Value Chain 4.0: How to integrate it into Procurement organisation (with Aleksandr Sidorec)

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Today we talk with a very special guest – Aleksandr Sidorec.  Main question I had to Aleksandr was connected to Value Chain 4.0. But we have got a much broader conversation!

Aleksandr is an active member of CIPS Switzerland Committee and passionate supply chain professional exploring the following topics:

  • converting traditional supply networks into integrated ecosystems that activate new streams of value creation through collaborative partnerships,
  • intelligent use of resources and engagement of a highly skilled human capital in the real time environment of the big data,
  • integrating Value Chain 4.0, Lean, Agile and many more concepts into Procurement and Supply Chain organizations.


The key thought of this interview with Aleksandr Sidorec is this one:

“The Future is promising, but not promised. We own this future.

So we all should do the small steps to develop our profession to its next level!..”

Enjoy your listening!


Find Aleksandr Sidorec in LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/alxsidr/
P.S. More useful information about Procurement are here: https://futureprocurement.net/

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