Podcast 071 Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and more: the next big things in Procurement (with Dawn Tiura)

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What are the next big things in Procurement? We are discussing this question with Dawn Tiura – CEO & President of Sourcing Industry Group (SIG).

 I really believe that Dawn is one of the best person to ask this question. Dawn is deeply involved in the new developments, Procurement departments of the best companies… She is a really passionate leader of the network for sourcing executives!


We also talk about SIG and it’s role in education, certification and networking of us, Procurement and Sourcing professionals.

Also Dawn gives some very practical tools and advice for Procurement professionals to be recognized in the department and BEYOND it!


The key thought of this interview for me is this one:

“Translate your Procurement messages in their language! Then you will gain respect and recognition!..”

Enjoy your listening!


More useful tools, data and content for Sourcing professionals – are here: https://www.sig.org/
P.S. Participating in the SIG Innovation Accelerator  http://siginnova.com/

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