Procurement Assessment and Skills Gap Analysis for your career and organization

Skills Gap Analysis

Have you ever had Procurement assessment for yourself or your team members?

My name is Robert Freeman, I am Procurement expert. And today I want to share with you a great tool for development of your Procurement career or your Procurement organization.

Last year I had a great conversation with Ben Shute from Australia, CEO of a company called Comprara. And we were talking about Skills Gap Analisis. It is a tool for Procurement capability assessment. Meaning that it helps you to understand your strong and weak sides and professional development areas.

And after that conversation I was so impressed who is Ben’s enthusiasm, passion to procurement and holistic view to professional development in Procurement and Supply Chain Management. We have decided to make some collaboration to help people around the globe understanding and improving their Procurement and SCM skills! And today I am happy to share the outcome of this.


So together with  Skills Gap Analisis and Comprara team – I am proudly presenting to you Procurement Assessment. This is certainly one of the leading assessment tool for the Procurement profession.

You can access these tool and read more about it the link that I left in the show notes to this podcast episode. Or you can simply find the link in the web page

I’m absolutely sure that procurement assessments developed by Comprara will provide a lot of value and insights to you if you are Procurement specialist and want to evaluate your development areas. So absolutely before attending any education or training’s I recommend you to pass these procurement assessment.


Or maybe you are Procurement manager and you need to evaluate your co-workers? Maybe you want to understand what is the level of maturity of each co-worker, and to see the level of your team in general.

Whatever is your position and need – just click the link, learn about the tools there and I’m sure that you will find the assessment that is useful for you in your situation.


SKILLS GAP ANALYSIS and Procurement Assessment tools can be found here:


P.S. Please check this interview with Aaron McGrath, who is working at Comprara as Engagement Manager and Client Services.

Here Aaron explains what is Skills Gap Analysis:

  • how to use different assessments,
  • what kinds of reports you will get as a result,
  • some practical advice if you consider using these tools.





Robert Freeman

Procurement expert and coach at Future Procurement

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