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We in Future Procurement have the big vision. We want to create the business confidence and strategic development approach for the Procurement professionals and organizations around the world. And that is why we invest so much time and efforts into motivation and education of our community. So YOUR successful Procurement career is an essential goal for us.

Recently I really enjoyed a great discussion with Simon Stockdale (CEO of From perspective of his 30+ years of experience Simon has shared his best advice for Procurement professionals. And here they are.

  1. Be service oriented!

Very important is to remember that you are offering a service primarily to the internal customers. This means that you provide the purchasing service to the people in your company, in your business.

And if you want to provide a good service – you should not be seen. You should not put the roadblocks on the way of other departments. You should make your service smooth and seamless for the internal stakeholders.

So good advice is to have the well-described processes in place (and have them documented!).


  1. Be open-minded!

Things might not work from the first time. So you should take the feedback from the others and constantly improve the processes, come up with even better solutions. Do that until internal you satisfy the customers.

Most likely people who were working longer than you will resist the changes. If you want to implement the new procedure or completely change the ways of working in procurement – be patient. Because any improvement will meet resistance from others. And this is natural reaction for the many individuals. One of the challenges when Procurement steps in is to build a good understanding with other departments.

So invest your time and efforts into change management process.



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