Do you want to get use of your “free” time? Listen to Future Procurement podcast!!

Future Procurement podcast

No wasted time anymore!

I hate wasting my time for doing nothing!

Further more I am very unhappy to waste time just doing some routine work… Because I like to develop myself and to get the new knowledge or skills at every possible moment!

Future Procurement podcast

Listen to Future Procurement podcast

For example when driving to my work (or back). Everyone is doing that and many people spend hours every week in the traffic jams without any use… I use this time for learning the microeconomics online course! And I have almost finished the full microeconomics course in ~3 months!

Or doing the house work! Take the example of vacuum cleaning or lawn mowing. After some time I cannot just do this without headphones and my favourite audiobooks! I have read 10-12 books during the last year just when doing some routine activity. The last book was The Goal – a management-oriented novel by Eliyahu M. Goldratt. And I have read it during vacuum cleaning! (or to say truth – I have listened to it…)So now house work has got a completely new sense for me and I love doing it!

Podcasts are my big passion as well. I always listen to the Podcasts while jogging or working out in the gym. This keeps me concentrated and motivated.
My favorite podcast is Planet Money from NPR – the show about the economical processes in the world around us.
Also in my playlist there is always a Podcast called Art of Procurement from Phil Idesson. This Podcast helps companies to elevate the role of procurement, and make procurement a competitive advantage. This is a great one which I recommend as well (yes, Phil, I am sweating when listening to your Podcasts 🙂 )
Since I have started listening to the audiobooks, online educational courses and podcasts – my life is changed a lot. Now I really feel that I am developing as a person and as a professional. Without really jeopardizing my time for family or work.
Moreover I hate reading the books. I simply fall asleep after 5 pages of any book. So audio versions of the books are the best way out for my type of people!
So my big advice for you, my friends – listen and develop yourself in every possible minute! And with the audio and headphones – you can do it whereever!

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It is a pity that so few people know about it. I am constantly saying to many of my friends&colleagues about  how great is the Podcast services! An in reply I hear: “What is Podcast?..”

So I ask you to share this message around and spread the good practice of self development all around!

P.S. I have started the Future Procurement Podcast – for your development and inspiration. Honestly, I like it a lot too! Especially after I started to invite the guests from different countries and different industries! If I were you – I would listen to this Podcast 😉


The Future Procurement Podcast is issued every Monday, so you will have the source of knowledge, motivation and inspiration for the whole work week!

You can find the Podcast in our Future Procurement blog. Here is the last episode with Dr.Muddassir Ahmed!

Or just type “Future Procurement” in any Podcast platform
and get the best ideas from the Procurement leaders!

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Now you can take an action on your Procurement and Supply Chain Development.
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