Podcast 039 Create confidence and strategic development approach for Procurement professionals

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“Hello and welcome to Future procurement. My name is Robert Freeman…”

I have said this phrase for already so many times in my Future Procurement podcast. In this podcast we’re sharing the procurement ideas and knowledge, also we are inviting procurement professionals from all over the world to share their experience.


And I decided to make a short summary of all the activities we have done so far in the future procurement. If you might know future procurement is combining two main activities for me.


First area is consultancy work

that I’m providing to procurement and supply chain departments mainly in Europe and north America.

To say a few words about the consultancy – it goes quite well. My ambitions were really high when I started the company. I wanted to deliver the best possible value to procurement departments and to bring the tangible results for the companies I’m consulting. And in fact if I look back and calculate – I see that we have delivered a lot of savings to the companies I was working with. More than 20 million euro if to be precise.

But what I’m proud even more is creating the new mindset for the people working in procurement departments, creating the new mindset for the management about procurement work and about treating the people in their departments.

My main idea when doing consulting and coaching is to create the proper mindset which will help to deliver and sustain a good performance to the procurement team.


And of course the second area is connected to Future procurement community.

So much of my love and passion I give to Future procurement community. Which is growing and growing everyday.

For example this podcast is listened by 2000 people from every corner of the world. And I’m very happy to constantly receive feedback from many of you. Please feel free to send your advice and comments to me. Please rate and review this podcast wherever you listen to it. Don’t forget to share it to your friends and colleagues. The end of the day it helps to spread the good word about procurement best practices among procurement professionals and organizations

And by the way using the opportunity – I would also like to invite you if you have some good idea to share with the Procurement and Supply Chain professionals. I’m absolutely open to new people for recording the interviews for our podcast! So just write to me in LinkedIn or email info@futureprocurement.net.


I’m also very actively developing my blog. And today I have so many followers for my blog on future procurement.net and through Facebook… And even more people are connected to me in LinkedIn. As I am running this podcast episode now – I have 16000 active connections in LinkedIn. This means that every blog post I publish – so many people can see it.

Of course we can debate if this number is good enough. But one year ago I couldn’t even imagine that such number is possible for me at all.


So once again THANK each of you reading my blog and listening to my podcast.

It is a big honor for me to be followed by you. And it is a big responsibility to fulfill your interests.

At the same time it gives me so much energy and fun to drive future procurement forward.


P.S. Share our Podcast with your colleagues and send us your questions

Robert Freeman on LinkedIn


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