RISK MANAGEMENT for Supply Chain and Procurement specialists

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Feedback from our students (total of 800+ participants)

Carolina McCurdy (US, 29 years)

  • Very valuable information
  • Helpful practical advice

Michael Angelo Strahan, (Sourcing Manager, UK, 57 y.o.)

The best thing about this development program is on-line. I sit at home or at my office, and I can study. All I need is just internet and headphones. No travels and no extra time.

Orkhan Mustafayev (Procurement manager, Kazakhstan)

  • Course exceeded my explanations (by far)
  • Good speaker and really engaging delivery
  • Simple and understandable language

Kevin Colton (Supply Chain Responsible, US, 44 years)

  • Great course and Knowledgeable instructor
  • I liked the practical examples and templates for Risk evaluation. Use them at my work since last week

Katherine Eisermann (Supply Chain Responsible, Germany)

…if more purchasers would join such trainings – our profession would be more respectful and recognizable.

In this course YOU will answer the questions:

  • Which decisions in Procurement and Supply Chain Management include big risks?
  • How to understand the complexity of risks?
  • How to quantify and compare the risks?
  • How to make the strong action plan for different risks?
  • Finally, how to obtain more confidence talking about the Risk management discussing with your Suppliers, your Managers and Colleagues, your Stakeholders?


The course is prepared by the Procurement Professional for Procurement Professionals. Tools and methods here are used by the world class companies and supply chain managers.

The material is easy to follow and understand, well-structured and presented in a simple and straightforward way. And what is the most important – you can start using the tools and the logic of Risk Management already after finishing the course.

RISK MANAGEMENT is not a niche course, it covers the main risk management tools, with the focus on Supply Chains and Procurement.

The course contains many practical examples from my experience. This makes the training more “alive” and close to reality. Every tool and method I will present in the course will come together with the practical example.

The best way to learn is applying these knowledge and techniques in your daily job! Once completed this course, you should be able to apply Risk management tools to your own projects without the need for further guidance.

This course will help you to bring your decisions to the completely new level!

Duration of videos: 2 hours

Curriculum For This Course

Course overview

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What are the requirements?


You don’t need any specific knowledge to finish the course. Just common sense.

However this course will make a much bigger effect for you, who already have some experience in Procurement and Supply Chain. You will recognize many of your tough situations and challenges that you are facing every day at your work.


Who is the target audience?


  • Beginners and Professionals of Procurement and Purchasing organizations
  • Supply Chain specialists
  • Production managers and Manufacturing specialists
  • Supplying/Sourcing specialists of Retail and Wholesaling companies.


Yes, we do issue the Certificate of Accomplishment!

Certificate rm

P.S. This course is NOT for you if:

  • … you know everything about Procurement
  • … you don’t work in Procurement or don’t plan to work with Procurement
  • … you expect to receive the magic recipe of success without hard work
  • … you don’t believe in Win-Win and don’t plan for Long term in business


Robert Freeman - procurement expert

Robert Freeman

Procurement expert

I spent more than 10 years actively contributing to Procurement development of medium-size companies and large international corporations, being a sourcing responsible for 800'000'000 Euro business.

Was working with Retail and Manufacturing companies in Europe, Asia and North America.

Truly believe in power of Procurement organization for the success of the entire company, and I want to spread my knowledge and experience to all over the world.

Constantly sharing my knowledge and engaging as many people as possible around idea of improving the existing practices in our business, bringing our profession to a completely new level.

My mission is: “To improve the world by Future Procurement organizations!



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