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Podcast 054 Best practice: Sourcing Strategy (with Margaret Gilbert)

Future Procurement podcast

Today we are talking about Sourcing Strategy. Best Practice and many useful tips given by Margaret Gilbert from New Zealand. Enjoy this episode!! P.S. Check out article by Margaret Gilbert on my blog “What does Transformational Procurement look like?” I am sure you will find it useful!   P.P.S. Find Margaret Gilbert and connect with her in LinkedIn More…

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Podcast 052 Best practice: Negotiations in Procurement (with Margaret Gilbert)

Future Procurement podcast

Today we are talking about Negotiations in Procurement. Best Practice and practical advice given by Margaret Gilbert from New Zealand. Here are some main ideas and take aways from the episode: “Preparation is the key!” “Remember that Negotiations are done by people but the contracts are made between legal entities!” “There is a variance between my budget and…

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5 Steps to effective education in Procurement

Last week I had a great conversation with one of Procurement leaders from Australia – Ben Shute. And after that talk* I was really amazed with Ben’s approach to education for procurement professionals. * – the full version of this discussion is in our Podcast here What I really liked about the education he and…

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How to build the trustful relationship with your suppliers?

Supplier relationship

It is a tough work to build long-term relationship based on TRUST. But if you are actively doing it – then the revenue will come to both Buyer and Vendor! Limitations of Competition in Procurement I like to explore competition in Procurement! Prepare the good RFQ/RFP process, make a nice and intriguing announcement and make…

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I LOVE PROCUREMENT because it is the best job in the world!

I spent 14 years working with Retail and Manufacturing companies all over the globe. And finally Procurement and Supply Chain management became my passion! And after all those years and different experiences I had – I can say confidently: Procurement job is the best job in the world! Procurement job: My Way I started my…

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As you know, I am facilitating the Future Procurement group in Facebook, where we are discussing the common dilemmas for Procurement specialists around the world. Recently I have received the simple but very powerful question: “How to know that you have made a successful negotiation? And how you can measure that?”

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