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Podcast 042 Supplier-Buyer conflict: does it exist at all?.. (with Margaret Gilbert)

Future Procurement podcast

Today we are talking with Margaret Gilbert from New Zealand. We are touching the topic of Supplier-Buyer relationship: What are the main challenges in relationship? How to create the trustful relationship? How to listen and understand each other better? …   Also we are talking about the future perspectives of Procurement profession. Enjoy this episode!   P.S.…

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How to build the trustful relationship with your suppliers?

Supplier relationship

It is a tough work to build long-term relationship based on TRUST. But if you are actively doing it – then the revenue will come to both Buyer and Vendor! Limitations of Competition in Procurement I like to explore competition in Procurement! Prepare the good RFQ/RFP process, make a nice and intriguing announcement and make…

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I LOVE PROCUREMENT because we consider risks

risk management

Risk management is really important topic but very often underestimated. Honestly very few companies in my practice are having methodological approach to risk management… I agree, you don’t sound like a superhero when you are talking about the risks in Procurement and Supply Chain management… It is of course much more fun to discuss about…

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4 sacred KPI for Procurement and Supply Chain Manager

Main KPI's for Procurement and Supply Chain

KPI of yesterday Looks like we are escaping the era of Procurement as cost center, where main KPI was connected to the lowest price. I was working with Procurement quite many years. And I am a witness of this big paradigm shift. In the late 1990’s we were measuring the success of Purchasing and Procurement…

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