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I have a dream for Future Procurement.

dream procurement

I have a dream for Future Procurement. All men and women working in Procurement, Supply Chain Management and Purchasing will come to their work ENERGIZED AND MOTIVATED. Every day of their work they feel great! Because they know – their work matters!   In my wished position Procurement is a super prestigious position, respected by others.…

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5 Steps to effective education in Procurement

Last week I had a great conversation with one of Procurement leaders from Australia – Ben Shute. And after that talk* I was really amazed with Ben’s approach to education for procurement professionals. * – the full version of this discussion is in our Podcast here What I really liked about the education he and…

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Podcast 032 More conscious approach to professional development and education in Procurement (with Ben Shute)

Future Procurement podcast

“Development takes time! Anybody who thinks development and education in Procurement is done in two workshops, or two times per year for every individual is mad! They are just kidding themselves!! Development is an ongoing thing that takes years! And as a Procurement manager you should be very strategic about that…” Enjoy our new episode with…

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Podcast 031 How to build a successful Procurement career in different companies and industries? – with Jesse Guimarães

Future Procurement podcast

Today we were talking about Career development in Procurement and Supply Chain. Our guest Jesse Guimarães has shared with us his way: from the engineer in automotive to Head of Procurement in the biggest Broadcast Media company in Brazil. I was really impressed by Jesse’s career story and his approach to constant professional development. Enjoy…

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Procurement career advice from Simon Stockdale

Want to build a great Procurement Career? We in Future Procurement have the big vision. We want to create the business confidence and strategic development approach for the Procurement professionals and organizations around the world. And that is why we invest so much time and efforts into motivation and education of our community. So YOUR…

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Webinars for Procurement and Supply Chain professionals

Webinar invite

Hello dear friends and colleagues, We in Future Procurement are re-starting our webinars for Procurement and supply Chain professionals. And I invite you personally to join these free webinars!   The closest events are: 20 July 18:00 CET How to decrease COSTS without increasing RISKS? Read the details and register here   Webinar about Risk…

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I LOVE PROCUREMENT because it is the best job in the world!

I spent 14 years working with Retail and Manufacturing companies all over the globe. And finally Procurement and Supply Chain management became my passion! And after all those years and different experiences I had – I can say confidently: Procurement job is the best job in the world! Procurement job: My Way I started my…

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I LOVE PROCUREMENT because we consider risks

risk management

Risk management is really important topic but very often underestimated. Honestly very few companies in my practice are having methodological approach to risk management… I agree, you don’t sound like a superhero when you are talking about the risks in Procurement and Supply Chain management… It is of course much more fun to discuss about…

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