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Podcast 044 Procurement in DNA of the company (with André Bohems)

Future Procurement podcast

Today we are talking with André Bohems, Senior Procurement Manager from Belgium. We are discussing about: Role of good Contract in Procurement Similarities and differences of Procurement in different companies Impact of a company DNA to Procurement Long-term approach in Procurement Make your internal customers happy!   Enjoy this episode! And don’t forget to RATE and REVIEW it,…

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Podcast 042 Supplier-Buyer conflict: does it exist at all?.. (with Margaret Gilbert)

Future Procurement podcast

Today we are talking with Margaret Gilbert from New Zealand. We are touching the topic of Supplier-Buyer relationship: What are the main challenges in relationship? How to create the trustful relationship? How to listen and understand each other better? …   Also we are talking about the future perspectives of Procurement profession. Enjoy this episode!   P.S.…

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4 Pillars of Supply Chain Strategy (after Dr. Muddassir Ahmed)

Supply Chain Strategy

Great thing has happened to me last week – I was talking to Dr. Muddassir Ahmed! He is a real professional with a great passion to Supply Chain Strategy and Procurement! Muddassir has a considerable experience in deploying Continuous Improvement best practices in Europe Middle East & Africa. But most of us know him because of…

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How to build the trustful relationship with your suppliers?

Supplier relationship

It is a tough work to build long-term relationship based on TRUST. But if you are actively doing it – then the revenue will come to both Buyer and Vendor! Limitations of Competition in Procurement I like to explore competition in Procurement! Prepare the good RFQ/RFP process, make a nice and intriguing announcement and make…

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Webinars for Procurement and Supply Chain professionals

Webinar invite

Hello dear friends and colleagues, We in Future Procurement are re-starting our webinars for Procurement and supply Chain professionals. And I invite you personally to join these free webinars!   The closest events are: 20 July 18:00 CET How to decrease COSTS without increasing RISKS? Read the details and register here   Webinar about Risk…

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