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Podcast 070 Value Chain 4.0: How to integrate it into Procurement organisation (with Aleksandr Sidorec)

Future Procurement podcast

Today we talk with a very special guest – Aleksandr Sidorec.  Main question I had to Aleksandr was connected to Value Chain 4.0. But we have got a much broader conversation! Aleksandr is an active member of CIPS Switzerland Committee and passionate supply chain professional exploring the following topics: converting traditional supply networks into integrated ecosystems…

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Podcast 069 Demand Driven Supply Chains (with Simon Eagle)

Future Procurement podcast

Today we are talking about Demand Driven Supply Chains. Our guest is an expert in this field – Simon Eagle. Simon is a Partner at CAMELOT Management Consultants. Here are the key questions of our discussion: What do we mean when we say “Demand Driven Supply Chains“? What are the benefits and risks using this concept?…

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I have a dream for Future Procurement.

dream procurement

I have a dream for Future Procurement. All men and women working in Procurement, Supply Chain Management and Purchasing will come to their work ENERGIZED AND MOTIVATED. Every day of their work they feel great! Because they know – their work matters!   In my wished position Procurement is a super prestigious position, respected by others.…

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4 key questions for Procurement education (after Klaas Stek)

In Future Procurement we very often receive the questions regarding the Procurement education needed for our job. Some people ask about short courses and classes to upgrade the certain skills (and we obviously can provide such education). But still many people are talking about the University degree or any kind of higher Procurement education. In…

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4 Pillars of Supply Chain Strategy (after Dr. Muddassir Ahmed)

Supply Chain Strategy

Great thing has happened to me last week – I was talking to Dr. Muddassir Ahmed! He is a real professional with a great passion to Supply Chain Strategy and Procurement! Muddassir has a considerable experience in deploying Continuous Improvement best practices in Europe Middle East & Africa. But most of us know him because of…

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