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Procurement Academy: More flexibility and better quality (after David Rajakovich)

Digital education Procurement Academy

Last week I had a great conversation with David Rajakovich – Managing Partner at Procurement Academy and Supply Chain Academy. These are the online platforms which provide competence development programs for Procurement and Supply Chain professionals. The base of those programs are cool, movie-like, animated eLearning videos. And I had the chance to debate about digital…

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Podcast 038 Digital learning and development for Procurement (with David Rajakovich)

Future Procurement podcast

Recently I have met David Rajakovich – Managing Partner at Procurement Academy. And I had the chance to debate about digital learning for Procurement with David.   P.S. Webside of Procurement Academy If you order the courses or programs – just say the password «Future Procurement»! And get the significant discount! P.P.S. Here are the contacts…

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Podcast 037 Control Your Transport Costs (with Felix Garai)

Future Procurement podcast

This is an interview with Felix Garai – Managing Partner at Quadrus Concept. And mainly we discuss about ways to reduce Transport Costs.   Webside of Logical Organized Transport If you order the service for your company  you will get -10% discount (just say the password «Future Procurement»)   P.S. Here are the contacts to…

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