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Hello dear friends and colleagues,

We in Future Procurement are re-starting our webinars for Procurement and supply Chain professionals.

And I invite you personally to join these free webinars!


The closest events are:

14 September 18:00 CET

Boost Your Procurement Career in 4 Weeks!

Read the details and register here https://futureprocurement.net/4steps-register/

Boost your Procurement career
Webinar for those who are looking for applied knowledge and practical tips for CAREER MOVE

28 September 18:00 CET

How to Grow Your Value for Procurement

Read the details and register here https://futureprocurement.net/scm-register/

Webinar on for those who are willing to increase SALARY by providing more VALUE for your company



Register for the webinar right now - the places are limited!

See you at there!


Robert Freeman

Procurement expert



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